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We recommend getting them identified; they wont consume much in the days or hours it requires. Pictures not only of the soldiers but also of the sand on the fence, wall or wood can be a helpful aid to identification. We can then advise the best treatment technique. TermiteTraps set near such partitions, fences and firewood heaps are likely to be assaulted and are easily baited once they are.Found in moundsJust completely ruin the mound.Found inside a hollow stump or a hollow tree.Coptos and Schedos often construct their nest inside hollow trees and stumps.

The treatment will not kill the tree and, although insecticides are used, they are poured down the inside of the tree and remain there away from pets, people and wildlife. If termites are found inside a building and a hollow stump or tree is within 30-50 metres, then it's possible they are coming from a nest inside it.

To do this, when drilling the tree, check the fluting of this auger bit or put a blade of grass into the drill hole and withdraw slowly; soldiers are often found on the grass attacking it. If, after pouring 30 or 40 litres of insecticide into the hole the activity in the house stops a week later, it probably came from the nest in tree.

The insecticide inside the tree will last for around ten decades but setting Traps around the buildings is still recommended because they dont only set up nests in trees and we all know for certain, termites are in their neighborhood!Defending HomesHow our system functions:The baiting facet is covered above in How the products work.  The TermiteTrap Monitors operate because there are 22 of them, and they're place where termite scouts go looking.



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Regular inspections are a sensible back-up. The Traps are simply set on surfaces around the buildings. They can be partially imbedded into dirt, stones or mulch to put the foundation of this Trap in continuous contact with the soil so termites can more easily seal off the ground to keep ants out.



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Because there are 22 Traps in a carton this will be sufficient for most suburban blocks. We advise using all the Traps even if they're put closer than 3 metres or you can suggest they provide a few to a neighbour to increase the buffer zone around their property.

The carton of lure will usually be enough for a large colony or even a couple of small colonies and will keep for years in the unopened original containers.Comparison with barrier treatments:Some barriers are highly effective. Stainless Steel net, granular glass, granite particles of proper size and metal caps on piers, stumps, etc can keep termites from passing through the gaps around plumbing.

That is the reason why regular inspections are essential. The barrier questionable is that the insecticidally treated soil under and around buildings. Building Codes and Australian Standards must be met during the construction of all buildings. This usually includes soaking the soil under and around foundations. The intention is that but the truth is different.



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And, where concrete avenues are siphoned up level with the first class of blocks or bricks there is an expansion joint and usually no insecticidally impregnated soil below it. Termites can develop through any gap wider than around 3mm to tunnel unnoticed in by a gap into the timbers inside the building and all the timbers join !   Exterior insecticidal soil challenges allegedly applied during construction are nearly never continuous along the whole exterior perimeter of the building.

The insecticides find more only last about 10-15 decades and when a pest professional quotes to re-apply it, there is no chance, even with drilling paths and driveway concrete, a continuous barrier will result. And it'll cost $thousands. Setting TermiteTrap monitors around a building and annual inspections of the building inside and out is far more cost effective.The bloke that invented the on-ground Traps and the Bait in foil pouches is also the bloke that wrote the text publications the pest professionals research to receive their licence.



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Termites are tiny insects which often result in a lot of harm when they enter your house. If they manage to find a way into your home and get the warmth, food and warmth they need to endure, they can begin destroying wooden you can find out more objects and items around the home.



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It is rather astonishing to know that termites lead to some damage of $5 billion worth of things around the planet in a year. The cure is that the prevention and the following are a few of the greatest suggestions to keep termites away:.

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